This is a group for people in Berkshire County, MA interested in engaging with all aspects of technology.
Join us if you are interested in any of the following:
electronics computer-aided fabrication maker movement philosophy of science open source software science fiction posthumanism product design programming technology critique copyleft/open society technology education culture and technology
Meetup: 2/25/2014

General Meeting

Meetup link

Plans for this meeting:

  • Hackerspace/3D printer planning – talk about concrete steps we can take to make either of these happen

  • Talk about ideas for future meetings

  • Project pitches – pitch small...

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Event at Pittsfield Library: 2/4/2014

Digital Fabrication & 3D Art

Meetup link

More information here on the Pittsfield library website.

Group member Phil Webster is going to be talking about his artwork at an event at the Pittsfield Athenaeum scheduled through the Friends of the Berkshire...

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Meetup: 1/27/2014


Meetup link

I want to have other meetings that will be on softer topics but this meeting will be focused on programming. That said, please come if you are interested in learning!

Agenda: We could start by sharing any interesting projects...

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